Monday, April 20, 2015

updates big and small

Well friends jacob is now 4yr 4mnth old. He is doing amazing despite the issues he fights daily. Since his T&A removal last November
We have gotten so far with his neuro. It was a scary few weeks with a misdiagnose but we have the final verdict.

Jacob has Peril ventricular leukomalacia which is damage to his brain causing loss of white matter. He walks but some days he has trouble due to the brain damage and the cerebral palsy he is very tight on his right side and very low tone on his left which makes for a very noticeable gait disturbance.

Jacob is having issues with his kidney defects add well so we see Tyne urologist next month as well to see if he needs another surgery there.  Hoping not...

At 4y4m jacob weighs a whopping 36lbs and 43 1/2-44 inches tall. He is well into size 5 jeans and 4/5 shirts. Shorts on the other hand he can still wear an 18-24m and a size 10/11 shoe . some shoes have to be a size bigger to fit his SMO braces.