Thursday, October 6, 2011

Almost 10 months old now.

My oh my how time is flying. Things have been so hectic and crazy but not in a bad way persay here that i havent updated here in a bit. Just in case anyone is reading still when i post i will update. Jacob will be 10 months old on Sunday the 9th just three more days. Adjusted he will be 8m. At 9 months he was 15lb 10oz and 28 3/4 in long. But he got a stomach virus that was being passed around and my poor sweet boy was not to happy for a week or so. He lost a little weight and was down to 15lb 2oz, not much to us but to a lil man that is struggling to gain it was a slap in the face to not be able to help him feel better and eat. He is better now, but we are working now on trying to get his decreased appetite back up to normal. He is still not rolling much at all, no crawling, no walking, no sitting up. But im not to terribly worried i dont mind my lil guy being a baby for as long as he wants, maybe i hold him to much, maybe he is "spoiled" but i really dont mind spoiling him if that is what people want to call it, he is my miracle baby and well he deserves to be loved and spoiled as much as he wants. He is such a mama's boy but he is a daddy's boy even more than a mama's boy that is for sure. He has been starting to show signs of stranger anxiety now as well, when grandma came over to watch the kids and him he acted like we were feeding him to an alligator but he warmed up after a bit. Jacob has started to hold his bottle on his own finally though, and man does he look like a cute lil man when he does it.  Luckily our guardian angel is still hanging around to, though we miss Jacob's namesake very much we are glad he's around to watch over us. Today while out at the PX we were getting ready to leave the store and daddy was holding Jacob, well he reached into the basket to pick up his PC cap to put on and Jacob wiggled and leaned back and slipped out of his arms. I had just walked up beside him and as he fell he landed right in my arms. Just 30 seconds earlier i was turned around talking to a vendor. Thank you David for watching out for my lil man.  

Now for some updated pix, i know you all love to see my lil man growing up.

                                                                Jacob at 8 months old

                         Jacob at 9 months old (actually like 9.5) we were late due to him being so sick for awhile.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Jacob is 7 months now

Jacob 7 months old

I figured i would do a quick update for Jacob, he is now 7m old. At 6m he was 13lb 7oz and at 7m he is 14lb 4oz so he is growing just slowly, though he is long at 29in now. He is doing really well though he still cant handle food other than formula. We are waiting to get him into the doctor which seems to now be a fight just to get an appt. Here are a few pix from 6m and 7m.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Jacob's 5 month pix and stats

At 5 months old Jacob was 13lb and 26in long. We had some issues that led us to the ER but luckily no obstruction and my very unhappy hurting baby finally was able to poop. He has an appt on 22 June for his 6 month ckup, it will be at almost 7m but its the soonest we could get.. here are some 5 month pix, ill be doing 6 month ones today or tomorrow

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jacob is 4 months old now!!

Well Jacob is 4 months old now and doing really well, no complications from his gastro as of yet thank goodness. He is up to 10lb 8oz now and growing like a weed at least i think so and is finally able to fit into 0/3m clothes even though the bottoms fit better with a cloth diaper.. here are some new pix..

Monday, March 7, 2011

Almost 3 months old..

12 weeks 4 days old... my how time is flying. Baby Jacob is doing very well though he seems to have the dreaded colic which means, well momma dont sleep... He was 8lb 13.5oz on my home baby scale the other day so growing like a weed. Though i get the comments in public about how "tiny" he is to me he is getting huge i mean come out 4.7 to 8.13 thats a jump.

Friday, February 25, 2011

11 weeks old yesterday

As of yesterday Mr Jacob was up to 7lb 13.5 oz.. he is growing slowly but surely. I cant get over how fast the time is going. He is up to drinking 4-5 and sometimes 6 oz of milk at a time what a big boy.. here are some newer pix of him.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2 months old today!!

Jacob is doing awesome, gaining slowly still but normal for him.. here are some new pix..

Sunday, February 6, 2011

8 weeks 3 days new pix..

Jacob 8 weeks 3 days old, another up to 7lb outfit i love that clothes actually fit him

Lil man is doing good, not much new to blog about he is still gaining weight very slowly hes a little peanut.. Im guessing about 7lbs but i need to weigh him again..

Thursday, February 3, 2011

8 weeks old

Well Jacob turned 8 weeks old today, tomorrow marks 3 weeks out of the NICU. He is doing good gaining weight now and happy most of the time. He was 6lb 15oz on the doctors scale yesterday to.

Monday, January 31, 2011

7 weeks 4 days old update

Well so far the new formula is doing a good job. Today Jacob is 7lb even!! Up from 6lb 7oz 6 days ago.. not a huge jump but went from losing to gaining so this mommy is happy!!! Need to take some new pix tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Losing weight and new formula/fortifier

Well Jacob has been home 12 days now and not tolerating the NeoSure, we were changed to Nutramigen today to fortify his milk and see if that helps the bad gassy and fussy issues. He went home 6.9 as of 3 days ago he was 6.10 and today he is 6.7, were looking to start gaining now no more losing..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tomorrow 1/26/11 Doc's EDD

According to the Doc's tomorrow was my EDD... Tomorrow is when i should have been coming to the close of my pregnancy instead im cuddling my 6w6d old as of tomorrow little man in my arms.. Tomorrow Jacob will be term.. 40 weeks.. that meas as of tomorrow adjusting his age makes him born instead of still inside.. yay

Monday, January 24, 2011

6w4d old ck up

Well went to a ck up today for Jacob he is doing well, though he was discharged at 5w1d weighing 6lb 9oz and today at 6w4d he was 6lb 10oz and he eats all the time.. gonna try to up his calories to see if he will gain weight

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Story behind Jacob's name..

Well i thought i would post the story behind Jacob's name.. On Aug 5th 2007 i met my late husband David Alan Davis. He was the most amazing guy ever, best dad and the most amazing husband. We had a wonderful life together for the short time we got. In feb of 2009 we pcs'd (military move) from Ft Sill, Ok to Ft Carson, Co.. by March 09 david signed into his new unit, April 15th he was deployed to Afghanistan, it was his third tour in the middle east. Things were going well and he was all set to come home Sept 25th 2009 for his R&R (military leave) but on the evening of Sept 19th 2009 two soldiers in Class A's (military dress uniform) knocked on my door. One of them asked if i was Mrs. Davis and i told him to tell me he was hurt, he was just hurt.. but i knew as soon as i opened that door what those men show up for.. David had been killed by an RPG (missile) it was shot onto the base blindly they didnt know who they were killing and didnt care. He was sitting on his bunk in his room its been speculated he was about to get online to talk to me since his computer was open beside him. The missile hit him in the face and just like that the best man i ever knew was gone.. On Sept 25th the day he should have walked off of that plane in Colorado Springs for his leave, his body was taken off a much smaller plane in Dalhart, Texas,  he had a hero's welcome the streets lined with people from the tiny airport all the way to the funeral home and the next day from the funeral home to the church.. small town people coming together for one of there own.

So Jacob Alan David is named after the best and strongest man i ever knew, and he like the rest of us has guardian angel watching over him, i believe David was in that NICU and he is the reason Jacob did so well and is home with us today.. thank you David because just like in life you are still taking care and watching over us in death.. we miss you...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Adjusting well..

Jacob loves being home and not attached to any wires anymore, he loves sleeping on mommy and cuddling all the time. He is doing very well now if only i can fix the issues with his Tricare he can go see the doc's again this week like they wanted but right now he was put with family practice and they refuse to see him.. go figure..

Friday, January 14, 2011

First night alone with my lil man.. rooming in..

Well at 5 weeks old Jacob was moved to a private rooming in room, we got to spend the night just us no cords, no machines, no nurses... just mommy and baby, kinda like when you have a normal healthy baby and you have your baby at bedside.. Waiting to see why the doc will let him go home now.. here are some pix of him cordless and a few bad pix of the room.. sorry i took em with a baby asleep on my chest.. wheres the grin button!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

5 weeks old!! Good news..

Doctor came in on rounds and i heard the D word!! He said if he takes one more feed and takes it all his feeding tube comes out.They are talking about setting up a room to room in tonight and doing his Circumcision today to.. Im so happy and excited and hell so damn happy i am shaking so close to walking out these doors with my lil man in my arms... last big hurdle is discharge and were looking it in the face very soon.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Jacob 34 day update 4w6d update

Jacob was taken off his feeding pump today, hes taking most of his feedings by mouth for the whole feed though sometimes he brady's or gets sleep and they are just gavaging the rest now which just means they put it through a syringe tube and let it drain into his belly... getting closer and closer to getting to come home

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

33 days old

Jacob was up to 6lb 7oz yesterday so he is growing so fast! We are still just waiting on feeds. He has to take all feeds by bottle for 48 hours before he can go home so far he is taking half of his feeds but not every time then they have to put the rest through his feeding tube.. So as soon as he takes his 1st full feed we will be on the right track!

Friday, January 7, 2011

29 days

Jacob is doing good, he has taken a bottle from me 2x so far today first time he took 27ml of 52 and second time he took 22mls of the 52 he is on now.. we stop with the bottle and put it through his feeding tube when he starts to brady and desat and he did it again so we said ok hes had enough