Saturday, January 22, 2011

Story behind Jacob's name..

Well i thought i would post the story behind Jacob's name.. On Aug 5th 2007 i met my late husband David Alan Davis. He was the most amazing guy ever, best dad and the most amazing husband. We had a wonderful life together for the short time we got. In feb of 2009 we pcs'd (military move) from Ft Sill, Ok to Ft Carson, Co.. by March 09 david signed into his new unit, April 15th he was deployed to Afghanistan, it was his third tour in the middle east. Things were going well and he was all set to come home Sept 25th 2009 for his R&R (military leave) but on the evening of Sept 19th 2009 two soldiers in Class A's (military dress uniform) knocked on my door. One of them asked if i was Mrs. Davis and i told him to tell me he was hurt, he was just hurt.. but i knew as soon as i opened that door what those men show up for.. David had been killed by an RPG (missile) it was shot onto the base blindly they didnt know who they were killing and didnt care. He was sitting on his bunk in his room its been speculated he was about to get online to talk to me since his computer was open beside him. The missile hit him in the face and just like that the best man i ever knew was gone.. On Sept 25th the day he should have walked off of that plane in Colorado Springs for his leave, his body was taken off a much smaller plane in Dalhart, Texas,  he had a hero's welcome the streets lined with people from the tiny airport all the way to the funeral home and the next day from the funeral home to the church.. small town people coming together for one of there own.

So Jacob Alan David is named after the best and strongest man i ever knew, and he like the rest of us has guardian angel watching over him, i believe David was in that NICU and he is the reason Jacob did so well and is home with us today.. thank you David because just like in life you are still taking care and watching over us in death.. we miss you...

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