Thursday, May 24, 2012

17 months update, and big changes coming up.

My Crew of kiddos. Audrianna 10, Tristan 9, Montana 7, Dylan 6, Liberty 3 and Jacob at 17 months.  At Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs Colorado
                                   Jacob 17m and Daddy having fun at Garden of the Gods 
                           Jacob playing in the tree's 16 months old, In Perryton, Texas. 
                      Jacob playing at the park in Perryton, Texas 16 months. Took a break from the hospital          where his grandpa Charlie was getting ready to lose his battle with cancer the very next day.
17 month 2 week 1 day update.

Well Jacob is doing so many more new things, back in April we spent a few weeks in a hotel in Texas because his daddy's father was dying. While in the hotel Jacob learned how to move his body, he can now do the army low crawl very well, He has started pulling up some on somethings but hasnt attempted to take any steps yet, maybe he will now that i said he isnt.    He is up to 19lb 3.5oz and 31 1/2 inches from the best I could do to measure his wiggly booty. He is getting to be a big boy even though he is still low on the weight end. We are now packing our house up for a PCS move to Ft Drum New York so he will be a NY kiddo soon enough. Lets see how much further he gets before we head that way. He is a sweet baby and has an amazing personality. He can say several words like Daddy, Mommy, Bite, Doggy, Hi, Bye, Dadadoooo(not sure what this one means but he loves it.) And his little sing song one of just syllables. He has a big smile for whoever wants to share one and loves to play peek-a-boo. He also loves to play with and love on his baby doll Graham, who apparently looks to real for some people and the reactions are priceless. Here are some newer photo's of the man of the hour, mommy hero! 

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