Friday, August 6, 2010

Jacob's diagnosis.. the start of it all

You can see his gastro defect here

Another good shot of the gastro i guess she was really looking at it

And that hiney i was talking about
I found out back in may that i am pregnant with baby 6, a few weeks ago his father and I broke up. We are trying to work on being friends right now. But on to his update.

On Aug 3rd i went to a local 3D/4D Ultrasound place, just for fun and to see if i could find out if the baby was a boy or a girl. Well he was very stubborn and turned to face my back but completely adorable when we saw his handsome little face for a few seconds. And of course his hiney is cute to. I kept seeing something on his tummy but figured if something was wrong she would have said something, turns out she couldn't say anything because she isn't allowed to diagnose. The lady that runs the place got on the phone right away to my OB, she told him that during my exam she saw a defect and sent him a disc of my pictures. The Dr's office called me on Aug 4th and told me that something was found and i needed to come in the next morning during walk in. They said that i may have to see maternal fetal medicine which is the high risk Dr's for problems i knew then that something was very wrong and i was scared to death.

On Aug 5th i went to my OB's office, my good friend Katie went with me since the baby's father didn't come, Katie didn't want me to get bad news alone. As soon as i sat down the Dr asked me what i knew so far. I told him i hadn't been told anything, he said well from the pictures what do you think. I said well their is this thing on his belly and i know it shouldn't be there. He said I was right, it is called Gastroschisis which is the long name for his intestines are outside of his belly. I just sat there scared thinking what will i do now, how will i handle this. I was very scared and am still scared but talking to people who have been through this and reading alot. I have an appt for a level 2 ultrasound on Aug 26th and then i will go talk to the Peri and get counseled on what this all means and what will happen from here.

Basically as soon as Jacob is born they will take him straight to the NICU team, he will be placed in a sterile plastic bag that will go up to his chest that will keep him warm and keep germs off his organs. Then he will be taken to the NICU to be stabilized and they will be able to tell from there if he can have surgery to replace his intestines in his belly that day or if it will take a few days and the help of a "silo" to get them back in his tummy. Then it will be time for him to heal and learn to eat and be able to get better and that part may take a bit of time. He will probably be in the hospital from 4-12 weeks or more from what i have read. It will be so hard to go home and leave my baby boy in the NICU but its where he will need to be.

I'm scared to set up his nursery and feel like shopping for him now is going to jinx things, Chris says i have to stop thinking that way. I need to think of a good outcome so that we are ready for him when he finally does come home.  It is scary but i need to do it and work on my being scared. I need to be strong but I'm so tired of having to be strong all the time but i know i need to be.

Maybe if things were different between Chris and I right now this would be a slightly easier thing to deal with, we have this huge rift between us and i really cant even lean on him for the support i need so badly but I'm glad i have wonderful friends to lean on instead.

Jacob will probably be coming early, somewhere between 35-37 weeks which puts his birth around Dec 19th and Jan 2nd i guess.. that is where things stand right now. I guess i will update when i have news to update with.

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  1. I'm sorry you have to go through this medical issue without a solid man at your side. I'm even more sorry that Ciera will be dealing with more at birth than most people (like me) have dealt with their entire lives. I can't wait to hear how the next u/s goes. I hope things don't look as severe as they sound.