Thursday, August 26, 2010

Ciera grew a penis...

Well the baby formerly known as Ciera is now known as Jacob and i don't know how to change the name of this blog so I'm guessing ill probably have to make a new one and delete this one. I went to my Level 2 ultrasound today and found out that the baby was weighing 8oz and that he was doing ok and stubborn LOL.. just like daddy. We saw his face, legs, arms, feet, back and then finally the tech said Well i think the first thing you should do is stop calling the baby a she... she has a penis. I was well shocked.. so now we have a baby Jacob on the way. I see the Peri on Monday for the first time and have an echo of his heart in 4 weeks on 9-23. We will just keep on going and get ready for our sons arrival. Now to return all the pink stuff for blue.. LOL... Sorry Jacob for thinking you were a girl for a few weeks, daddy and I love you that will never change! So excited to prepare for the son i wanted from the time the stick turned pink now!!!

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