Friday, October 22, 2010

26 week appt/ultrasound.. update not so good

Well little man has officially be diagnosed with IUGR interuterine growth restriction. He is in the 10th percentile at 1lb 11oz at the moment.. he also had a out of range renal measurement that they will be following as well, hoping that clears up. They said he is viable and if things go south they will take him right away now.. his movements somedays are few and far between so im keeping a close eye on that. Im worried about my lil man Jacob.. i love him so much already and just want him to hang out in there for as long as he can to get bigger. Trying to deal with all that is going on along with not having much in the way of support from his dad but my friends are my rock and they will always be there for me i know that much. I am glad i have such good friends which most are like my family as well. I will have my last 3D sonogram tomorrow, lots more pictures of my fave lil man i love seeing him move and kick and be all cute on the sonogram!

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