Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jacob is HERE!!

Jacob Alan David Stone named after the strongest man i know is here. He was born Dec 9th 2010 at 4:37pm at 33w gestation. He was 5lb 1oz at birth and 18.5 inches long. He was a big boy for his gestational age i think, wonder just how big he would have been had he gone to term? Ok heres the story.. pull up a chair.

Dec 3rd I had permission to make a trip 3 hours away to spend the weekend with my kids and what a weekend it was, it was Jacob's big brothers 8th bday coming up so i went up. On Dec 6th i woke up and was still sitting on the couch at my moms house, it was time to go home day... and my water broke. No contractions starting so i saw the kiddos off to school then threw my things in the truck and mom rushed me back to the springs 3 hours away. Got home got my car from a friends picked up a few things, yes this redneck momma stopped at walmart first LOL. Then headed to L&D where it was confirmed i was indeed ruptured.

Dr's decided since i was only 32w5d by there due date of 1-26-11 that they would start antibiotics and try to keep me pregnant for awhile. I heard first till 34 weeks which would have been wed dec 15 then they said mabye 36 if we could get that far.

Dec 7th started feeling pain in my belly... it was pretty bad so talked to nurse who told doc.I also started passing meconium Jacob had a bowel movement while inside.

Dec 8th Dr came in i think around noonish and talked to me, felt around and said that i may have an infection so they would do an amnio to ck for that and lung maturity 2pm rolls around and they do the amnio 4pm rolls around and i get the results that i am indeed infected and its baby time.. about 6pm they finally bring in the pitocin and get the party started.. ya.. about i think 10pm that night we started to see some contractions it was very slow going my infected uterus didnt want to contract and make progress so it was a long road.. after laboring all night and only getting to a 4 i think they decided to bump the pit from 28 back to 8 and start over. Then jacob's heart which had been decent 120s-150s with some decels some that went low enough to scare this mommy.. jumped up to the 170s and was racing along no matter what we did, so oxygen it was until the birth..

Dec 9th they started the pit back from 8 and worked there way up, heart was staying high for almost the entire time, i was scared but trying to get through. His dad never showed up while i was laboring despite telling me he would and the pain from the infection hurt so bad i gave in and got the epidural. I figured without chris there for support and everyone else had gone home for the night i couldnt do it alone.

By 1pm i made it to 5cm
230pm made it to 7.5 FINALLY progressing!
315pm made it to 9!! Kept feeling lots of pressure from contractions
by 4 i was really feeling different so i called the nurse in.. she was very rude, asked me if i thought they werent ready for me cause i told her i felt like it was time, i asked her to ck me and she just lifted the blanket and said nope no baby there you have to wait... i was discouraged.. i refused to call the nurse again she said THEY would know when it was time and basically i had no say.. so i sat there and breathed through it all, i knew i was ready to push long before they decided it was time to stop chit chatting and come in but i breathed through it and breathed and breathed and wanted to cry.. Anna was mad she was standing right by me and heard the nurse and well she was angry.
Kept feeling pressure, kept fighting the urge to push finally doc comes in and says you feel like pushing and i may have yelled yes a bit loudly.. this was what 420pm they start getting things together and they say ok lets try a few "practice pushes" around what 435pm didnt even pull up the stirups just laid down the pads and stuff i did my "practice pushes" and 1st push his head was out.. doc said WOW you werent kidding your a really good pusher.. 2nd barely a push and baby was out!! 4:37 pm Jacob graced us with his presence.. NICU nurse came over to take him and someone said do we have confirmation that its a boy?? Couldnt see a penis his bowel was all in th way but i saw the stream of urine.. he said ill teach you all to mess with me and peed LOL.. Such a handsome little man with a full head of hair, they took him straight to the warmer and bundled up his bowel and started bagging him then intubated him. After he was stable they asked if his daddy was going to be there and i said yes he says he was close they said we cant wait we have to get him to the NICU so Annalise cut the cord and off he went.. about what less than 5 minutes later they tell me Chris is in the hall, i said he can come in and the nurse said he doesnt want to he wants to see the baby.. they told him he had to wait they were working on him so he came in the room. After they had me cleaned up and then moved up to mother baby we waited around for a bit longer and around i think 7pm we were finally able to go to NICU and see the baby again.

Dec 10th Jacob is doing better today, he doesnt like the beeping of the machines he kinda jumps at each beep, he is not sedated heavily now. The nurses changed his bed and made a little hole for him to lay in to feel closed in a bit more and he likes to kick his foot up at the bottom and get comfy its so cute.. he is also under bili lights because his level was a 7 and they wanted to get treatment underway.. they say he will be extubated in the am if he does ok... cant wait to see his little face without that tube in the way at least for a little bit..

weight is 4lb 14oz today!

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