Thursday, October 6, 2011

Almost 10 months old now.

My oh my how time is flying. Things have been so hectic and crazy but not in a bad way persay here that i havent updated here in a bit. Just in case anyone is reading still when i post i will update. Jacob will be 10 months old on Sunday the 9th just three more days. Adjusted he will be 8m. At 9 months he was 15lb 10oz and 28 3/4 in long. But he got a stomach virus that was being passed around and my poor sweet boy was not to happy for a week or so. He lost a little weight and was down to 15lb 2oz, not much to us but to a lil man that is struggling to gain it was a slap in the face to not be able to help him feel better and eat. He is better now, but we are working now on trying to get his decreased appetite back up to normal. He is still not rolling much at all, no crawling, no walking, no sitting up. But im not to terribly worried i dont mind my lil guy being a baby for as long as he wants, maybe i hold him to much, maybe he is "spoiled" but i really dont mind spoiling him if that is what people want to call it, he is my miracle baby and well he deserves to be loved and spoiled as much as he wants. He is such a mama's boy but he is a daddy's boy even more than a mama's boy that is for sure. He has been starting to show signs of stranger anxiety now as well, when grandma came over to watch the kids and him he acted like we were feeding him to an alligator but he warmed up after a bit. Jacob has started to hold his bottle on his own finally though, and man does he look like a cute lil man when he does it.  Luckily our guardian angel is still hanging around to, though we miss Jacob's namesake very much we are glad he's around to watch over us. Today while out at the PX we were getting ready to leave the store and daddy was holding Jacob, well he reached into the basket to pick up his PC cap to put on and Jacob wiggled and leaned back and slipped out of his arms. I had just walked up beside him and as he fell he landed right in my arms. Just 30 seconds earlier i was turned around talking to a vendor. Thank you David for watching out for my lil man.  

Now for some updated pix, i know you all love to see my lil man growing up.

                                                                Jacob at 8 months old

                         Jacob at 9 months old (actually like 9.5) we were late due to him being so sick for awhile.

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