Thursday, January 19, 2012

Its been a bit 13 months now

Well it's been a bit since ive updated here but lots have been going on. Just a few days ago Jacob went to see the GI specialist. They have finally labeled him Failure to Thrive. At 13 months Jacob was 18lb 5oz on 12-10, we were happy. Then he got sick croup and throwing up and it was horrid, bye 12-14 he had lost to 17lb 11oz then by the time 12-29 rolled around he was down to 16lb 13.5oz. We decided to make the appt with GI when he saw them on 1-4 he was at 17lb 4oz then once again got sick after having a Barium Enema and threw up all day and was down to 16lb 13.5oz again by 1-13. We are on an upward slope at the moment though and he is back up to 17lb 3oz as of 1-18 now we need him to gain. He is setting up on his own, started doing that round about his 1st birthday he isnt perfect at it but he sure gives it a whirl. He is still not crawling or standing or walking and showing no signs of starting yet.

He has had a rough few months but the smile rarely leaves his face, till he has tummy pain and then man oh man does my happy go lucky little guy get angry. I hate seeing him cry in pain like that and it lasts for hours and hours and there is just nothing we can do but hold him tight and rock him and talk to him till the pain stops. I wish i could take that pain away from him but i just cant.

Here is Jacob his 1st Christmas in the NICU at  2w2d old and his 2nd Christmas 1yr2wks

Jacob at 13 months old just had his very first haircut the other day!

Jacob on 1/14/11 finally leaving the NICU at 36 days old, he was happy can you tell?
and at 13m 10d old on 1/19/12 same carseat, he has grown just a bit hasnt he? From 6lb to 17lb!
Here are some new pictures of my awesome little man!!

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