Saturday, February 18, 2012

14 months GI update

Well we went to see the GI doc again last Wednesday the 15th. Jacob now weighs 17lb 13oz. The GI doc's have decided to put Jacob on a nutrition drink called Peptamen and a formula called Elecare. We are hoping to get him gaining weight, all the tests they did came back ok so we havent found another underlying condition. All we know is that at this point they would like to see him at, at least, 25lbs.. So we have another check up on 15 March and by then they would be pleased to see him having gained. If we were to magically get him up to 25lbs we would have to get him to gain a total of 7lbs in less than 1 month.. for a child that typically gains a few ounces a month. In other words we need a miracle. Sandy his GI doc/pa says that Dr. Yazdi may very well admit him to the hospital for management and to get him to gain next month if he hasnt gained sufficiently by the next appt. The Peptamen Junior is 250 calories a can, and the Peptamen 1.5 is 375 calories a can. The only downfall is we dont know if our Tricare will cover his special food which runs 170.00 for a case of 24 for the Peptamen Junior 250/Cal and 230.00 for a case of 24 cans of the Peptamen 1.5 375/Cal... To give him 2 cans a day that would be about 2.5 cases a month that we would need which would cost 425.00 to 575.00 a month. It is a high cost to keep him healthy but we wont have a choice. Now just to figure out how to afford that without help if the insurance refuses coverage, that is what we are dealing with at this point. And of course WIC is no help to us.. So this month's update isnt exactly all roses and sunshine but if it helps my son i will do whatever i have to come hell or high water, my children always come first.

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