Friday, October 12, 2012

22 months old

Well time has flown by and once again i havent updated in a little bit but here goes. At 22 months old Jacob is 23lb 7oz and last check still 34 inches long (though i may need to recheck that). He is still not walking or standing on his own, still very "leany" when you hold his hands to try to walk. Not sure if walking is going to happen soon or 6 more months down the road but its all good, he will get there when he is ready and if not we will try to get a dr that will see him and tell us what the reasoning is behind his not walking.   On 25 Oct Jacob will have surgery to remove his Tonsils and Adenoids, we are hoping this surgery will correct the breathing issues and some of the feeding issues. Right now his T&A are so large they almost totally block his airway when he is upset, that is not good. He has never had any infection or illness from it but the airway issue is big enough that we are going forward with the surgery. In doing the x-ray prior to surgery we also found that his Epiglottis is "Omega" shaped, meaning that it is supposed to be flat across and his is shaped in a V which makes it look very thickened on x-ray which led to the ENT getting very worried and calling us back in right away to scope him to make sure he didn't need admitted. Scary day but all is well on that front. Just one more thing that didnt form correctly for him. Jacob is talking more, actually talking alot. He is a very bright little boy. He also has a very healthy temper LOL.. man he can sure throw a fit when he wants to. That is all for now, i will try to update again around 23m or 2 years.

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