Thursday, November 8, 2012

Jacob 22 months, wrapping up the month and new tircks!

We took the kids to Massachusetts for a TAPS event, then we went to see friends and see the ocean. Jacob loved the ocean! And while at a friends house for the first time ever Jacob stood up (after i stood him up) and stayed up for over a full minute! He is such a miracle baby! He was 22.5 months in the video.

Jacob has been sick lately, he came down with Pneumonia after momma had it, momma is very sorry for making the baby sick. He was up to 24lb 2oz shockingly just prior to getting sick soon after he was down to 22lb 15oz. It has been a fight to get him gaining again since the illness but he was 23lb 4oz just two days ago. We will weigh and measure tomorrrow on his 23 month birthday though. We hope to break the 25lb mark by his 2nd birthday but hey we have dreams right.

Jacob will be going back to the GI doc in a few weeks, at this appt we will discuss the next set of tests he will undergo which they think will be an endoscopy and a colonoscopy along with blood tests for celiac. And we will discuss feeding tube placement. At this point it may be what he needs to get to growing and walking if he has enough nutrients and calories in his body, he just cant take enough by mouth during the day to be where he needs to be.

We also hope to see Jacob standing independently all the time and walking by his 2nd birthday! We have big hopes and dreams for our little man. 

He has learned to navigate the stairs and climb, oh my.. He is talking alot now as well. He loves his daddy, doggies and birdies and the water the ocean was a big hit!

We have been adding to the list of foods that he cant have as well. Pumpkin causes a major reaction with his gut and bottom. Veggies make there way through his system whole and never break down, therefore they are not being used for energy or calories. Fruits cause a major bottom rash that bleeds so we had to cut those out. Milk is still a huge no no for him as well, and you would be shocked at what all has milk in it.

But all in all it has been a very good few months besides the bumps and illness's along the way. We have almost come to a close on his 2nd year of life, I cant wait to see what his 3rd year will bring our way!

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