Saturday, March 23, 2013

27.5 months old

Yes, I still count in months. Hard not to. Time for another update.

Jacob is getting big, well taller and taller anyhow,. His surgery that was scheduled last feb was postponed due to yet another illness, it was supposed to have been done next tuesday but once again it was postponed. Jacob has Pneumonia again and is feeling pretty rough and running high fevers.

Daddy took him to the er and sat with him from 5 am until noon, now thats a good Daddy. Lots of tests were run and iv's put and meds given. They did Xrays and caths and blood work, poor baby. His white count was up so they gave him a different antibiotic to try to get it under control.

Because he has been sick he is losing weight. 3 steps forward 2 steps back, He had made it up to 27lb 11oz. We were thrilled but he was back down to 25lb 10oz as of 6 days ago. I will reweigh him when he wakes up from his nap.

He is still not walking, he can take steps when he wants to but they are really stiff and unsteady, his ankles turn in alot and he seems to be in pain so at this point we are not pushing him to walk until we see Ortho on the 8th of April. We are hoping he walks out of there with some braces so that he can have more stability and his ankles stay up and then hoping he can walk soon, or when he is ready.

Jacob is talking up a storm, he is such a smart little man. He still cant have dairy or fruit but he will eat the heck out of anything else you put in front of him. He just doesnt gain weight from it, that is the problem. Hoping we get a new surgery date and that he will be healthy enough to get it done so we can try to get some more answers as to why he has so much trouble gaining and with losing so much weight.

Well now the fun part!! Pictures!

 Jacob out to dinner for his 2nd Birthday!
 Daddy and Jaker's in the ER last week.. it was a long morning and he was a very sick guy.
 Jacob and his siblings out to Chuck E Cheese for his brothers birthdays last weekend
 We stopped at Fort Leonardwood (Lost in the woods) Mo and took photos at the memorial wall, then got the kids pic really quick.
Jacob this was yesterday 27.5 months old. Very skinny dude but hey his diapers will fit forever. Gotta look at the upside somewhere right?

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