Monday, February 4, 2013

5 days shy of 26 months.

Jacob will be having an upper Endoscopy and Colonoscopy on 26 Feb. They will be biopsying parts of his GI tract to see if they can get some more answers for us. He was up to 25lb 13oz but had a steady drop for no known reason to 24lb 8oz. As of today he is back up to 25lb even and 36 1/4 in tall. His ENT canceled his Tonsil and Adenoid removal for a few months, he said that with his weight gain/loss issues he doesnt want to take away his ability to eat. So its back to the waiting game. Still trying to get in with Nuero and waiting on an 5 March appt with the Ortho doctor to see what is going on with his ankles and legs. Hating all the waiting this state makes me do to figure out what is going on. Jacob is talking a bit more though, most people dont get to hear it much cause he clams up big time around folks. He also took his first steps (4 of them) about a week and a half ago, since then he has been practicing as much as he can and will take a couple steps before falling down. It is a start though. He is def got standing up alone almost mastered though. Its been a long hard road these last 26 months but its been fun, now to see what he can get into during his 2nd year!

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