Wednesday, August 28, 2013

EEG done, now we wait

EEG came back perfect! No seizure activity during the test!

EEG is done. I had to wake Jacob up at 5am but it worked, his EEG was set for 1030 by the time they got him hooked up it was right about 11am. She turned off the tv and the lights and he was out. Took about a half hour to hook him up but he just sat there calmly watching tv the whole time which she measured and drew on his head then cleaned it then applied the goop and wires.. he was amazing. We will know in 7-10 days what the results are. She asked about him jerking in his sleep and I told her he does it alot.. just hope we have some answers soon enough.
                                           Watching Mickey Mouse while she drew the marks
                                                       All wired up and ready to sleep
 All done, she woke him up after about 30m or so then flashed the strobe light for a few minutes then he was unhooked and off for blood work
                                                                    Sleepy but done

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