Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Jacob is 3 years old!!!!

           Jacob fought the nap and the nap won! He passed out and took a nap while watching tv.
                              Jacob before our christmas family photo's looking super cute
                            My belly button super hero! Jacob in the NICU and at almost 3!
         Jacob with his big siblings at the Greek Peak resort this past weekend, they had a blast.

Happy birthday to my little fighter Jacob who turned 3 whole years old yesterday! We went to Chuck E Cheese for his birthday with his big brother a week ago since we are super busy this week. We did have cake last night again for his special day. 

Jacob is 30lb 6oz I do need to measure him again but he is offically growing into 3t clothes. He loves Jake and the neverland pirates and Mickey Mouse. He is so smart and a little stinker already, I say he is like a sour patch kid now. He is a joy to have around that is for sure...

We are working on getting in with genetics and will hopefully have an appt in the next 6 months, they take a long time to get into. We are working on ENT as well but his referral keeps getting lost so hopefully they will be calling back before to long as well.   Jacob was released from the care of his GI doctor last month after hitting 30lbs and we were thrilled.  We will be seeing Ortho again in another 10-11 months and Neuro again as soon as I remember to call in and make his appt.   I will be setting up a referral for Urology as soon as I can to so that we can get his urinary defects checked out and make sure they dont want to do surgery there as well.

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