Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter with Jacob

Well we have noticed a big thing this winter since Jacob started to walk. When he gets cold his walking gets alot worse. When he is tired it gets worse. He starts to do this huge side to side wobble thing while walking.  I am not sure that this is something we can correct without some sort of bracing and I think it will come to that sooner than later.  But he can walk, that is the upside. He can walk which we were very unsure if he would ever do.  

Jacob is now 3 years and 2 months old. He is 39 1/2 inches a few weeks back and 30lbs still as of 2 days ago.  That makes for difficult clothing shopping.  He is in a 4T shirt and it fits really well.  Jeans wise he fits a 3T slim as long as the waist cinches up. Shoes are a size 8 finally! His feet took forever to catch up and he has gone from a size 4 to an 8 over the last year.   

I bought Jacob some clothes for summer (you know when it happens in NY)  I got 4T shirts which once again are perfect. I bought 2T shorts thinking they HAVE to fit.. right?? Nope LOL they fell right down.  I have a tiny bit of hope they may fit by summer but that is probably a pipe dream. Its ok.. most of his 18m ones are still hanging around so we will default to those. He even still fits most of his 12m ones as long as they are long enough to look normal.   I will get some new 18m ones soon to supplement the ones that may not have survived the pipes breaking a year ago at our old house.

Otherwise Jacob is doing fantastic. He is so very smart, and slightly a smart alec but its cute at 3.. he talks very well and between that and how tall he is people are always very shocked to hear that he just turned 3, and that he was a preemie.

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