Wednesday, November 21, 2012

23 months 1 week 5 days

Well we tried to get Jacob to do his Upper GI/Swallow study, He would not drink the contrast barium. At all.. he flat refused. And of course the hospital doing it didnt have a plan b or back up plan to him not drinking it. They said oh well we can drop an NG tube and do it that way, then said well we dont have anyone who knows how to drop it though.. Ahhh so we had to reschedule the test and we are doing it at a different hospital that time, where the radiologist knows how to drop NG tubes and we can do it for sure. The hospital and clinics he goes to are in Syracuse 2 hours from home.. so 4 hour drive was for nothing cause they didnt have that back up plan. Oh well we will try again and we will get our answers somehow. Now we are just getting ready for Thanksgiving, it will be Jacobs very first turkey day that he can eat! That is awesome. Now just to make sure that all food is Jacob safe for dinner. We have started doing really well making sure that all dinner is Jacob safe. That means no dairy at all.. you would be amazed at what all has milk in it. No fruit.. his system cant handle it, its bad. No veggies for him, his system will not digest it. No pumpkin.. I know I know.. pumpkin is a staple on turkey day.. but Jacob is allergic so we have to keep him clear of it. 

On the upside he measured 34 1/2 in long with an 18 3/4cm head I believe they said and 24lb 12.5oz at the doctors office. That is a 1lb increase over 3 days or so. Thanks to the steriods he is on for his latest lung ailment.. hey I will take weight gain however it comes though. Now to just keep him over 24lbs that is the goal.. and 25lb by 2!! He is just a bit over 2 weeks away from his 2nd birthday! Im excited to have a 2 year old though not having a baby in the house anymore will be sad.

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