Tuesday, December 14, 2010

5 days old Primary Closure surgery today and Broviac placement

Jacob before his surgery
Well today is the day!! Jacob is having primary closure ( they are closing the big hole in his belly ) and placing his Broviac line ( it will be a much better way to give him lipids and sugars basically feed him until he can eat ) we are about to get underway with prepping him for surgery so i will update again after its over. This is a big step im excited but nervous and scared but it will go well.

Jacob after surgery.. no more silo!

No more silo.. and broviac is in!

Surgery is over, it went well and he now has a closed belly and makeshift belly button. Looks like he has an infection in his belly so they are doing cultures to see what antibiotic to give him. He has his broviac in place as well. Now its a waiting game to see when we can start feeds.

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