Thursday, December 16, 2010

Jacob is one week old today!

Jacob 6 days no more vent!

Jacob 1 week old.. 2nd time mommy got to hold him.

Well one week old now, my how time is flying for me!! Jacob weighed 2150 grams last night that is a great gain from the night before at 2085! That is 4lb 11oz!!! Such a strong lil man and such a fighter to! He is doing amazing on the nasal canula for a 33 week preemie i think thats amazing esp with his issues!! He had a few brady's this morning (heart rate went down to the 70s and 80s but only 2x so far.. i told him not to do that it scares momma... I cant wait to bring my little guy home and have all my kiddos under one roof again. My big 5 may be back up here after school tomorrow for christmas break im really hoping that happens i miss them alot, its been 6 weeks that they have been in Cheyenne now. I have a few new pix of Baby Jacob i will post today ill try not to overload LOL.. Now to think up a nickname for this little guy?? Hmmm gotta get to thinking all my kiddos had nicknames. Cant wait for him to be able to wear clothes and socks and hats and ya i cant wait to dress my little man up.

I have a few ideas for his first pictures when we bust him outta this joint, one is with Mr. David's flag from his funeral, David would have loved this little guy had he been ours and even without him being his David loved babies, i still remember that grin that no one could get off his face when he held Liv.. I can see him in my mind standing over Jacob with that grin... Jacob has a gaurdian angel and what a good one at that, i have to say i think thats why he is making such progress David is cheering him on!! Hmm more pic idea's lil man in the kevlar cushioned with a bit of something hehehe.. and in his little butt cover with his last name on it.. and mabye with his daddy's uniform somehow.. if Daddy ever decides to come see his baby boy again that is... if not ill just do something else.

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