Monday, December 20, 2010

First Bath

Jacob and his Daddy Chris 1st time daddy ever held him

Bathtime.. we are taking off all the leads

All clean and tuckered out from screaming.. he hated being naked and getting a bath

Jacob had a bath today and mommy got to bathe him. He wasnt fond of cold and wet or naked but he got all his lines out for it, i got to see my baby boy with just his Broviac it was so nice to not be completely wired to everything, then daddy showed up to see jacob again for a while that doesnt get to happen often so i got a picture. Aunt Heather and Uncle Kenny came up from Arkansas to meet baby jacob to, they wont let his cousins back to see him though only siblings. Hoping we can start feeds soon, the stuff coming out of his repogle is alot lighter than it has been, it sucks the bile out of his belly since his bowels arent moving it yet.

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