Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jacob 10 days old..

First time in clothes.. 9 days old

Big sister Charlie holding Jacob 9 days old

Big sister Chloe holding Jacob 9 days old

Mommy and Jacob 9 days old

Jacob 10 days old.. wrapped in his monkey blanket

Well yesterday was a much better day no brady's and so far none today either. Jacob gained up to 2300 grams!! Thats almost back to birth weight! just 1 gram shy of 5lb 1oz now! He is doing so very good and had his pictures taken yesterday with Santa.. He also met his two big sisters from his daddy's side yesterday to, Charlie and Chloe got to hold there new baby brother and they were pretty excited. Doc says as soon as Jacob starts having bowel movements it will be getting close to time to start feeds, so come on baby jacob ten days with no poo you got some catching up to do.. Jacob will also be getting a bath soon, cant wait to get to take part or at least take pictures for that.  He also got to wear clothes for the first time yesterday!

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