Saturday, December 11, 2010

Jacob day 2..

This silent cry breaks my heart.

Jacob under the bili lights.
Well Jacob was in a bit of pain today but his pain med drip is starting to help.. The surgeon came in and reduced his bowel again a bit so far im hearing that surgery will be next wednesday the 15th. They tried to extubated him but it didnt work so hes still on the vent but very low settings, they think hes just in to much pain to worry with breathing all the time alone so far. He went from 2235 grams to 2045 grams from last night to tonight to. That is a drop to 4lb 8oz in 2 days but i guess thats to be expected. His bili lights that they started have been discontinued because his level's came down. He is holding his own and it really hurt to walk away from the NICU today without him and leave the hospital but i have to stay strong for him, seems im in this alone...

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