Friday, December 17, 2010

8 days update

Room air trial, another tube out for now
Well Jacob is doing very well, he kept pulling his nasal canula (O2 nose thing) out of his nose and into his mouth so we are doing a room air trial and if he does good and keeps his O2 up he is off the oxygen... also he has really good bowel sounds which means its all starting to work so they are talking about turning off the suction to his repougal (sp?) which is the suction tube that goes into his belly to keep anything from making it to his intestines and if he does well that comes out as well... that means we are on the verge of losing yet two more lines and im so thrilled with his progress.. if he does well with losing the suction we will start feeds soon, and soon as he is eating and pooing and all he can go home.. maybe the surgeon wasnt to off when he said he could be home by christmas.. not getting my hopes up to far but hey i can handle having him home soon.

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