Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Jacob day 6 wonderful updates!

The neonatoligist came in this morning and said that jacob is doing so well and breathing over the vent that he will most likely be extubated (vent removed) today in a few hours!!

Then the surgeon came in to ck his belly from primary closure yesterday and said it was amazing it was so soft, he said jacob really wants his guts inside because the reductions went faster than normal and he took in about a 1/2 in of bowel every day other than the one inch reduction and his surgery was a day early!! He said that he is doing so great his original thought of feeds in 3 weeks has now been bumped to ONE WEEK!!! He also said he could possibly be home by christmas, im not holding my breath on that one but hey if it happens and hes outta here in 10 days ill be so freaking thrilled!!

 Im hoping things keep going great and i have my baby boy home soon.. oh ya and if he gets off the vent today I GET TO HOLD HIM for the first time, not just lift him, but hold him... i am having an awesome morning.

I left my camara at home, i headed up here at 5am so total exhausted brain fart so i will get it in a bit and bring it up to take pix of lil man without the vent later!!!

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