Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Day 12 update

Well the kidney ultrasound was done today, just waiting on results though the tech said she didnt see any reflux so hoping its not an issue. His repogle was taken out today to, so far so good on that one just waiting to see if he can start feeds soon and have his first poop which as of yet hasnt happened yet. He is off the Fentanyl (pain med) drip and just getting some every 4 hours right now to finish weaning him off of it. Daddy came up to see him again today, its nice to see father and son together and im sure Jacob likes when he comes up.. down to just the broviac now and leads!! No repogle, no O2, no Vent!! Its so nice to see him not covered in stuff. Daddy also changed his first Jacob diaper today, after some insisting.. was hoping he would get pee'd on, bad mommy huh lol.

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