Monday, December 13, 2010

Primary Closure!!

He got his hands stuck.. so cute

Heres my handsome lil man..

Bowel is all in!!!

Final reduction done surgery is tomorrow!
Well all his bowel went in this morning so we arent waiting till wednesday!! Primary Closure and Broviac placement will be tomorrow, still waiting on a time but this is a big step!! Jacob is doing really well the pain meds are keeping him so calm and sleepy but not in pain so that is good, he had to have a bolous after the reduction but is sleeping again and no pain. I am amazed at my lil boy every single day at how well he is doing and how much he is going through.

I got to change his diaper this morning for the first time, and i will start being able to do some of his other care as well, i also got to give him his Nystatin this morning, its so nice to be able to help take care of my baby boy... and he didnt lose much more weight only around 5 grams or so so he is holding steady around 4lb 7-8oz right now.

Well im going to go back in to be with him now but i will post new pix soon, i left the camara in his room...

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